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Why do we need to know about the benefits of Paleo Diet? Firstly, to understand its benefits, we must understand this diet completely.
This diet relates to a very simple idea.Your own body can sustain a type of diet that evolved in the Paleolithic Era:wild animals; fowl, eggs,fish, shellfish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seed. Back Then, the most common source of food was meat consumed from free animals. They learned to fish and also discovered wild fruits, nuts and seeds. Altogether, consumed frequently every day, these foods create the absolute balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in our body.Looks amazing, right? Historians claim that the agriculture - discovered about 10.000 years ago, especially growing legumes and grains, was the first real progress in human history. Unfortunately with this first step in human evolvement, human body began to slowly decline.So why is this type of Paleolithic food diet so important for my body?

Let's find out some interesting facts about it!
Say goodbye to digestive problems!.Well, first of all, Paleo Diet is good for us because it does not contain grains and legumes. People tend to believe that these foods are good for your health but in reality they can cause a lot of problems. You can develop these problems because of the gluten, lectins and phytates that are found in grains and legumes. Some of the most common dysfunctions are leaky gut syndrome
Worried that this diet does not contain enough fiber for you?You should't be because seasonal fruits and vegetables that consist an important part of this diet contain about eight times the fiber you can get when choosing whole grain.
Forget about refined carbs! Carbohydrates are an important part in everyone's diet. But nowadays we substitute nutritious foods with processed and refined carbohydrates. This is not good for your body because, after consuming these lab-created foods, we can develop insulin resistance and metabolic syndromes!
It is proven that if you let go of those refined carbs and add more fat and protein to your nutrition you will regain your health and lose weight also. Let go of corn syrup and wheat flour. Forget fast food industry products because most of you know they are the biggest factors in heart sickness and digestive complications.

Perfect harmony between Omega-6 and Omega-3! You are worried that dietary fat will cause you certain heart diseases?Don't be because heart inflammation is related to cardiovascular problems which evolve from the unbalanced ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3. Too much Omega-6 leads to cardio problems. Unfortunately stores are filled with processed foods that contain an excess of Omega-6: corn-based products, canola and soybean oils.
A Paleo diet that consists of grass-fed meat and wild fish guarantees a perfectly balanced proportion of Omega-6 and Omega-3.
Healthy dairy! Certain types of dairy are very good for your health.. The best milk is the full-fat milk because it contains a lot of k2 vitamins and Vitamins A and D. This contributes to heart vitality and give a boost to your immune system.Just don't forget that I am talking about full-fat milk. Low-fat and fat-free milk are obtained by processes and therefore these two will lose most of the vitamin trough these processes.
The most important attributes of the full-fat milk are: prevents diabetes, cancer and contributes in weight loss!
A lot of the people that I see as a doctor are thrilled about the fact that they got rid of all these problems in only a couple of weeks using the Paleo Diet.
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PaulJohnson 08/08/2018 08:16

Paleo diet has been only around for a few years. the vegan lifestyle has been around for decades.
the paleo diet is still considered to be a "fad diet". Check back in ten years.
The paleo diet is stupid. see sources.
the paleo diet allows (encourages) meat consumption. A vegan avoids all animal products.
the paleo diet discourages dairy consumption. So does a vegan
The paleo diet discourages the consumption of grains. (see, i told you it was stupid)

also a vegan is not just following a meat free diet. He is an individual committed to reducing the level of animal cruelty in the world. by not eating any animal products or wearing any animal product and even avoiding products that were tested on animals. Vegans consider it a lifestyle not a diet.

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